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Being a housewife in the 1950s was quite a different experience to today. After the independence of the wartime years, women had to leave their jobs when they married and support their husband by creating a spotless home, delicious meals and an inviting bedroom.

A 1950s Housewife collects heart-warming personal anecdotes from women who embarked on married life during this fascinating post-war period, providing a trip down memory lane for any wife or child of the 1950s. This book will prove an eye-opener for those who now wish they had listened when their mothers attempted to tell them stories of the `old days', and will provide useful first-hand accounts for those with a love of all things kitsch and vintage.

Those who grew up in a 1950s home will remember that Fathers went to work while Mothers stayed at home to look after the family, cook, clean and do the washing. It’s such a different world for women today and yet this happened in our lifetime.

From ingenious cleaning tips, ration-book recipes and home decor inspiration, the homemaking methods of the fifties give an entertaining and poignant insight into the lives of 1950s women.

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