Book; Born in the 1940s - Tim Glynne-Jones. Hardcover


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Take an amazing stroll down Memory Lane with this wonderful collection of photographs from the 1940s, which evokes those Happy Days when everyone pulled together to defeat Hitler and kept smiling despite the hardship of the post-war years.

Over 90 photographs are accompanied by a witty and moving commentary describing a decade when the 'Three Rs' ruled in every classroom, it was safe for children to play out on the streets and boys had sensible names like James, Robert and John, while the top three names for girls were Mary, Barbara and Patricia. A companion volume to Born in the 50s and Born in the 60s, this is guaranteed to produce a golden glow in every reader, and a perfect family gift.

The Forties was a decade of two halves: the war years and the post war rebuilding. It was a time of the austerity and courage, collective spirit and healthy diets, an era of reform and reconstructing and a glimpse of the the modern world to come.

This defining decade is captured here in words and pictures that bring the memories flooding back.

Although this book is from Britain it will strike a strong chord with Australians who were born during or, just after, the war years. Back then Australia was very British and most of these photos could well have been taken in Sydney, Melbourne or any Australian city or suburb.

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