Book; Golden Miles. Sex, Speed, & the Australian Muscle Car. Clinton Walker


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Golden Miles is a book about cars, people and Australia in the late 60s and early 70s.

Cars meant so much more to the teenagers of the Baby Boomer generation. To own and drive your first car meant freedom and independence. Chasing 'chicks', "doing a drag up the mainy", nights with your mates or your girlfriend at the drive-in pictures....These were the days of our youth!!

The 1960s and '70s saw the arrival of the Australian Muscle car, the archetypal product of the era, a fusion of the great Aussie larrikin spirit and the sexual revolution. "Hey Charger" became the war cry of a generation, Holden Monaro and the Falcon GT were the cars we dreamed about, talked about and vowed to one day own!

With the energy and irreverent humour of a 'fanzine', the acuity of investigative journalism, and the eye of an art book, this new, expanded edition of Golden Miles explores the history of our dream cars and in doing so tells the story of the (mostly) male members of the young Boomer generation.

Here is the dream book about those dream cars. It's not just for 'petrol heads' but for all the guys who never got over those beautiful beasts from their teenage years and remain fascinated with them to this very day.

Praise for Golden Miles:
'... absorbing and enlightening.' - Judy Herbert, Advocate

Clinton Walker is a writer Sydney's Sun-Herald has called 'our best chronicler of Australian grass-roots culture'. and is the author of numerous books.

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