Book. Melbourne A City of Stories. Edited by Deborah Tout-Smith


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Melbourne: a city of stories grew out of Melbourne Museum’s permanent exhibition, 'The Melbourne Story'.

That makes it a selective history: one based on objects - things that have survived. The idea that objects can give rise to stories comes as no surprise to anyone who’s ever dug up a shard of old china in their garden, or found an ancient button down the back of a chair and wondered...."I wonder what the story is?"

'Melbourne; A City of Stories' reflects on both the city and its people, telling not just the big story but the small ones as well.

This book draws the reader into a sense of exploring the city's layers through time. Its emphasis is less on the proud public record than on the objects and the people with stories to tell and a place in Melbourne's history. 

Includes many photos and illustrations.


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