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The fifties is a decade often overlooked, overshadowed by the war that preceded it and the Swinging Sixties that followed. But the Fifties saw significant change in the way people approached life. Teenagers, rock n roll and space exploration were born, Queen Elizabeth was crowned and Everest conquered.

It was an era of innocence. The old standards of politeness and respectability still held firm but people were discovering new freedoms in terms of transport, labour, style and self expression. This book depicts in words and photographs (over 90 of them), the cultural shifts that made the 50s such a defining era. 

I must point out that this book is printed in Britain but I believe people born in Australia in the 40s and 50s will love the photos and comments, I certainly did! Britain and Australia were certainly much closer then and many of the photos might have been taken in Sydney, Melbourne or on any suburban street. It vividly portrays the era and reawakens childhood memories of a time when the world was on the move.

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