Book; Adelaide Remember When. Bob Byrne. (Author signed copy)


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Format: Paperback, 256 pages
Other Information: b&w and colour photos
Published In:

Australia, 01 December 2014


Remember childhood visits to the Adelaide Zoo with a ride in the elephant cart? School lunches and a glass bottle of sun-warmed milk? spending Saturday night at Downtown or Tilt to play arcade games or go rollerskating? rides at Magic Mountain or Dazzleland, dances at local clubs with local bands, early TV shows and sleeping on the lawn on a hot Adelaide summer night? Adelaide Remember When is the city we remember, in pictures and words. The best of Bob Byrne's hit Facebook page and much more, Adelaide Remember When is a bumper book that shows us bits of Adelaide we've forgotten, local identities and landmarks we loved and reminds us that the best parts of the city haven't changed.

About the Author

Bob Byrne had a long career in commercial radio, particularly 5DN Adelaide, before becoming a columnist/blogger at The Adelaide Advertiser, writing about Adelaide of the recent past. He set up the popular 'Adelaide Remember When' Facebook page. He lives in Adelaide, Australia and loves it.

Publisher: NewSouth Publishing
ISBN: 1742232205
EAN: 9781742232201
Dimensions: 23.0 x 17.0 centimetres
Age Range: 15+ years

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