Book; 1950s Childhood Spangles, Tiddlywinks,and The Clitheroe Kid. Derek Tait


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There were very few families who had TV sets and so children in the 1950s made their own entertainment: they played mainly outside, games like marbles and conkers, built forts and go-karts, climbed trees and re-enacted fights from the latest cinema blockbuster.

Derek Tait has written a lively and entertaining book about his childhood, growing up in post war Britain. Our countries were much more closely linked in those years, and I found reading this book, there were many similarities between our childhood experiences.

Food and petrol were also rationed in Australia for many years and mostly bought from the local corner shop. There was no pre-packed food, frozen food or many of the other luxuries that we take for granted today. Families would gather around the wireless to hear the latest dramatizations such favourites as Biggles and Superman. A trip to the pictures on a Saturday afternoon included the serial, cartoons and a double bill featuring the latest films.

Much has changed for children over the years and this book shows what life was once like for the children of the 1950s including home life, school days, music and fashions. 

About the Author:

Derek Tait has written numerous books on local, national and British history. His past jobs have included working as a photographer and as a cartoonist. He has been writing local history books for many years now and has regular columns in the several newspapers and magazines. 

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