Book. A 1950s Childhood in Pictures. Paul Feeney


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Do you remember Saturday afternoon at the pictures with your friends? Warm milk at school? The purple stains of iodine on the knees of boys in short trousers? Knitted bathing costumes? Then the chances are you were born in or around 1950.

To the young people of today, the 1950s seems like another age. But for those born around then, this era of childhood seems like yesterday. From waking up to ice on the inside of the windows, washing in a tin bath by the fire, and spoonfuls of cod-liver oil, home life was very different than what it is today. 

A 1950s Childhood in Pictures is a delightful collection of photographic memories from Britain and will appeal to all who grew up in this post-war decade, whether in town or country, wealth or poverty. With chapters on games and hobbies, holidays, music, and fashion, the wonderful memories and delightful illustrations will bring back this decade of childhood, and jog memories about all aspects of life.

This is a British publication and we have imported a few copies for our nostalgia lovers in Australia

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