Book; A 1950s Mother. Bringing Up Baby In The 1950s. Sheila Hardy. Hardcover


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If you were a 50s baby, or a Mum having babies in the 1950s, here's a book you will truly enjoy. It's a wonderfully nostalgic journey back to a very different time when embarking on motherhood was totally unlike anything new mums would experience today.

From how to dress baby (matinee coats and bonnets) to how to administer feeds (strictly four-hourly if following the Truby King method), the child-rearing methods of the 1950s are a fascinating insight into the lives of women in that decade. In "A 1950s Mother" author, mother and grandmother Sheila Hardy collects heart-warming personal anecdotes from those women, many of whom are now in their eighties, who became mothers during this fascinating post-war period.

"A 1950s Mother. Bringing Up Baby In The 1950s" is a snapshot of another era. From the benefits of `crying it out', brothers and sisters, premature babies and the matter of adoption, the wisdom of mothers from the 1950s reverberates down the decades to young mothers of any generation.

A delightful conversation piece for any mother and daughter this often hilarious and, at times, poignant book is a great trip down memory lane for any mother or child of the 1950s. 

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