Book; Victor Harbor, Down Beside the Sea. Deb and Ron Kandelaars (Hardcover)


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It's a view imprinted on the retina of most South Australians - that majestic vista as you drive into Victor Harbor taking in the town, Granite Island and The Bluff.

This is a place of lazy summer holidays, rides on the horse-drawn tram, strolls around Granite Island with an ice cream, fish and chips on the lawn, a cosy winter weekend - a happy place to slow down and relax with loved ones.

In this beautiful hard cover coffee table size book, you'll find all this and more as stories from history, newspapers, interviews and oral histories, along with hundreds of images, bring to life the people and places that make Victor Harbor a coveted destination and place to live.

You'll meet a host of remarkable people, from the Ramindjeri with their deep spiritual and cultural connection to the land and sea, to the European settlers and the profound change they brought about. Essential to Victor's story are the rough and ready whalers and fishers who once braved the seas of the rugged South Coast.

So, too, those involved in community organisations, tourism, agriculture, conservation, business, sport and the arts - trailblazers and local legends pivotal to the social fabric of the town.

Victor Harbor: Down beside the sea is the fascinating story of how Victor Harbor came to be, told by the people who live and work in this breathtakingly beautiful coastal locale. Whether you reconnect with Victor Harbor in your armchair or decide to travel from afar to discover the place for yourself, you'll find there's plenty going on 'down beside the sea'.

About the authors; Deb Kandelaars is the author of four books, including the first of the bestselling Postcards series, which showcases South Australia's remarkable people and places. Her husband Ron is passionate about South Australian stories, regularly travelling the state for both Channel 7 News and SA Weekender television programs. Ron has written, produced and presented over 2000 stories for Channel 9's multi-award winning travel program Postcards.

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