Book; Cars We Used to Drive: Australians on the move, 1940s to 1960s - Don Loffler


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In Cars We Used To Drive, Don Loffler, well-known Holden author, reveals his lifelong interest in all makes of cars on Australian roads in the years 1946 to 1966.

Don Loffler has assembled a remarkable collection of 280 colour slides and black-and-white photographs of owners and their cars, from Austin to Zeta. Makes like Morris, Vanguard, Wolseley, Oldsmobile and Hudson, which have long since disappeared from the new car scene, were once household names, with owners making sure their favoured make was included in a photograph of a beautiful Australian scene.

The images record the social history of an era very different from today, when people were content to sit on travelling rugs by the roadside to enjoy a picnic lunch brought from home, perhaps with the addition of sausages and chops cooked over a small open fire. Caravan holidays were also popular at a time when motels were not yet in vogue.

Older readers can be assured of a great nostalgia trip into times they remember, while younger people will gain an insight into what it was like living in those times.

Don Loffler, much to the surprise of many, is not the son of a Holden dealer. He has never been a Holden factory employee, nor has he ever worked in the motor trade. He is a former German, Latin and Chemistry teacher, who in his retirement has the luxury of writing books on his lifetime interest in early model Holden cars, their history and the social setting into which they arrived.

ISBN: 9781743058565
Publisher: Wakefield Press
264 pages

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