Book; Born in 1941? What else happened? - Ron Williams


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This is  a series of books about life in Australia – one for each year from 1939. They describe happenings that affected people, real people. The whole series, to coin a modern phrase, is designed to push your buttons, to make you remember and wonder at things forgotten.

The books might just let nostalgia see the light of day, so that oldies and youngies will talk about the past and re-discover a heritage otherwise forgotten. Hopefully, they will spark discussions between generations, and foster the asking and answering of questions that should not remain unanswered.

In 1941, in Europe, Hitler made his biggest mistake in the War when he invaded Russia. Churchill made his own big mistake when he sent Australian troops to the slaughter in Greece and Crete. In the Pacific, Japan was getting more frustrated as America cut off her resources by blockades.

In Oz, we ignored obvious signs of imminent war, and were shocked to the core when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbour in December. A Pacific War started, and Hitler made his second biggest blunder by siding with Japan. We in Australia could not believe that our own shores were under threat.

ISBN: 9780648771647
Publisher: Boom Books
184 pages

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Barbara Clapperton

Wonder series of books and a perfect gift for someone special