Book; She's a Beauty! The story of the first Holdens, volume one - Don Loffler


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She's a Beauty! is back in print - but with a difference. Now in two volumes, this lavishly illustrated first volume documents the Holden story from 1934 to 1948. Volume Two will continue the story from 1949 to 1953, and in subsequent decades.

Volume One, rich with new stories, photographs and facts, includes not only material from the 2006 enlarged edition of She's a Beauty!, but also relevant material from its sequel, Still Holden Together, which is unlikely to be re-published.

No FJ Holden material is included, in order to keep She's a Beauty! exclusively for the original Holden model.

Praise for She's a Beauty!
'What a beauty this book is! I was enthralled. A must for Holden fanciers or those among us who have an interest in Australia's motoring history. Buy it!' - Australian Classic Car

'Don Loffler's first book, She's a Beauty!, was published in 1998, marking 50 years since Prime Minister Ben Chifley launched the original Holden 48-215 ('FX') with this famous exclamation. Six successive volumes on early Holdens followed. All Don's books showcase a special way of telling the human stories behind the cars and in 2021 the marvellous Cars We Used to Drive joined his collection. She's a Beauty! has been revised twice before (2006 and 2009) but this time is to be published in two volumes. Don, a natural and fluent social historian, shows how the Holden drove its way into Australian culture, changing the nation forever in the process. His books constitute an extensive archive with appeal to the general reader as well as the motoring enthusiast and this new edition of She's a Beauty! is not to be missed.' - Dr John M. Wright

Some people guess that Don Loffler is the son or relative of a Holden dealer, or a former Holden factory employee, or someone closely connected with the motor trade. He is none of these, but a retired German, Latin and Chemistry teacher, who is enjoying the process of writing books on his passion - the early Holden models and the history behind them.

Jacketed hardback
ISBN: 9781743059470
Publisher: Wakefield Press
304 pages

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